Overview of Miscellaneous Projects

We take pride in providing structural engineering services for a variety of unique projects and structures with some of the categories listed below:

  • Structural evaluation for insurance claims
  • Light Gauge Steel
  • Foundations for pre-engineered buildings
  • Renovations
  • Cast-in-pace concrete retaining walls
  • Tenant improvements (mezzanines, interior framing)
  • Concrete detention tanks
  • Signs (free standing and attached to buildings)
  • Modular buildings (portables and mobile homes)
  • Metal wall and roof cladding
  • Structural components of art work (free standing statues, suspended artwork)
  • Landscaping structures (gazebos, trellises)
  • Pedestrian and residential bridges
  • Structural support for mechanical equipment (new and renovation)
  • Brick veneer attachment

Please feel free to contact us with your unique or small projects. We enjoy the challenges of non-traditional projects and no job is considered too small.